Protect Your Liver - Jolly Liver Capsules

Liver is one of the largest and hardest – working organs in the body. It is crucial for the transformation of food into energy. The liver is like a processing plant for the body such as nutrients, alcohol, herbs and drugs – these some raw materials are absorbed from the gut to the liver where they are processed, transformed, stored and transported to the rest of the body. It is responsible for many important functions which can affect the entire human body and cleansing the blood of harmful contaminants, they are breaking down the exhausted hemoglobin cells, regulating hormones like as insulin which helps to controls the blood sugar, energy levels, storage of vitamins and minerals, production of bile for digestion of fats.

Liver is one of the most important organs, you cannot live without it. The liver works as hard to keep your cells nourished which can process the medications that fight HIV, detoxify hazardous substances and other infections. Liver needs to be well nourished and also protected from damage. Unfortunately, all of the environmental toxins and hidden poisons which can encounter and absorb into our bodies, it is very easy for the liver to become toxic itself. It is very critical to know that how to support this most important of organs in flushing uninvited materials out of the body.

Steps to protect your liver:

Avoid alcohol :-

Drinking alcohol is associated with a faster progression of liver disease and extremely toxic to the liver. It may be the destruction of liver cells, fatty liver (a build – up of fat deposits in your liver), liver inflammation, permanent scarring or even liver cancer. Since alcohol requires a healthy liver to be properly metabolized, I recommend zero tolerance for drinks. We don’t know how much alcohol is harmful and how much you drink without damaging your liver.

Maintain a healthy weight :-

Eating a healthy food like fruits, vegetables, watching your calories intake and whole grains and also work toward a healthy weight by exercising regularly. Being overnight can cause fat to build up in the liver which contribute to the insulin resistance and damage the liver from fibrosis or scarring of the liver. It also improves the function of every organ in your body including the liver. It facilitating more efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to cells as well as the movement of toxic materials out of the body.

Stay hydrated :-

Liver needs an adequate water, it acts as a carrier for other materials which moving them from the liver through the kidneys. It also increases the energy levels to keeping your body hydrated which will boost your metabolism and allows you to exercise more comfortable to improve your overall health.

Get enough protein :-

Protein provides building blocks for new cells, tissue repair and the immune system. Additionally, protein intake may be modified because of a condition is called brain fog. Most people living with HIV and hepatitis which require 30–40 calories per kg body weight.

Supply extra anti – oxidants :-

These are compounds that protect the body from highly active molecules is called as free radicals. They will provide basic anti – oxidants coverage with uses of daily doses of vitamin C, vitamin E. Alpha – lipoic acid are also anti – oxidants that can help to make GSH which are thought to have a protective role in the liver. If the levels of free radicals are build up, they can damage the tissues which can accelerate the destruction of the liver in people with hepatitis.