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Tulsi or Holi Basil also known as the queen of herbs. Indian Tulsi (holy basil) is cultivated and also grows in the wild. It is native to India and grows wild in Asia and Malaysia. Many Peoples have Tulsi plants growing in front of home. Tulsi is planted in the center of the central courtyard of Hindu houses.

The tulsi (holy basil) leaves contain the aromatic oils and have beneficial tonic and healing properties. Leaves of the holy basil(Tulsi) plant are instrumental for coughs, sore throats, mouth infection, skin problems, headaches and boosting immunity. Not only its leaves but also its flower has the properties to fight a number of diseases.

9 Amazing Benefits of Tulsi for Skin, Hair & Health

  1. Natural Immunity Booster and Helpful in all skin & Hair problems
  2. Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidant, Anti-septic & Anti-cancer
  3. Useful Remedy for coughs, colds and fever
  4. Relieve from Stress, Headaches, Eye disorders
  5. Tulsi has Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Useful for diabetics Patients & Improve digestive system
  7. Reduce cholesterol level & regulates blood sugar levels
  8. Helps promote your respiratory system, healthy metabolism
  9. Balances the health of your digestive system

Tulsi or Holy basil as it known across the World, can be broadly classified into four different tulsi types.

  • Sweet Green Basil
  • Dwarf Green Basil
  • Purple-leafed Basil
  • Scented Basil.

Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops has mainly following Extracts

  • Vishnu-Priya (Ocimum sanctum)
  • Rama Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum)
  • Kala Tulsi (Ocimum canum)
  • Bisva Tulsi (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Basil Sweet-Lemon (Ocimum citiodorum)

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