Benefits Of Green Tea for Healthily Life

Benefits Of Green Tea – Green tea has become one popular drink of the nation and even worldwide. It has a number of benefits that make it one perfect cup of health and immunity. It is made from a combination of green leaves that offer a boost of energy and fitness. Doctors recommend 3-5 cups of green tea in a day for maintaining high levels of health and fitness.

While most of the people relish plain green tea, there are also a few flavors available in the market. These flavors not only enhance the taste of the green tea but also make richer and healthier. In this post, we will discuss two such flavorsome variants of green tea health benefits that you must include in your lifestyle:

Green Tea with Lemon:

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea and lemon, both are known for its amazing health benefits. While green tea is a renowned antioxidizing agent, lemon is known as a rich source of Vitamin C and other nutrients. The lemon flavored green tea is not only refreshing but it also makes your body system clean and ready to fight against a number of diseases.

Green Tea with Basil (Tulsi):

When it comes to medicinal benefits, green tea and basil have no competition. It is a combo that works miraculously against a number of diseases. Basil is known as a natural immunity booster and when combined with green tea, its effects get double. The combination works perfectly when it is monsoon or any other disease prone weather. Basil also fights against a cough, cold and other seasonal diseases.


The recommended dosage of green tea is 3-5 cups in a day. You can combine it with your meals and boost better digestion. Green tea also cleanses the system by flushing out all the impurities. A hot cup of green tea also soothes stress and rejuvenates human body. It is also considered as a treatment for depression.

Jolly Organic Green Tea :

Benefits Of Green TeaAt Jolly Health Care, we have the best organically grown green tea for our customers. Handpicked and strategically processed, this green tea is made to offer health boost through regular consumption. We have two variants of green tea- Lemon &Tulsi. Both the variants offer the best health benefits and ensure you have better immunity against diseases. Available at a reasonable price, the green tea offers you perfect taste along with a lot of health benefits.