Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Knee Pain & Swelling

Ayurveda proffers these ayurvedic medicine for the care of Knee Arthritis. Many plants have documented anti-inflammatory assets without thereof in general laid down medications. Application of oil is the vital because of the action of medicine is vast fast, and can snuggle the skin layers.

There are few various purposes which Ayurvedic medicine and treatments achieve

  • Decrease in swelling and pain
  • Strengthening of muscles around the affected territory
  • Decrease in Vata (main reason for pain as per Ayurvedic Medicine) inner neat so the efficacy of medicines is best.



The good schedule & combination of treatments require being decided by the doctor depending upon the prerequisite & Prakriti of the patient. However, the following is an indicative list of treatments which are in general used for a decrease in knee pain & swelling.

Abhyangam: Abhyangam is a complete body massage done with medicated herbal Red Gold Ortho oils. This assist in stimulating the vein endings at the site of pain which growing the blood diffusion. Ayurveda believes that the good treatment to soothe vata is by oil application and massaging. As well as, oil application lubricates the joints and restores movement.

Kizhi : Kizhi uses herbs/ dust/rice / choornams tied in a muslin cloth to built little herbal boluses (potlis). Many boluses are then heated and lightly pounded over knee joint as required. The active material of herbal powders and cards or rice act straight on the site of knee joint swelling and lower pain.

Dilsi : Dilsi or oil squeezing is done to soothe the vata, strong muscles and lubricates knee joints.

Janu Basti : Janu Basti involves pouring of in particular ready warm herbal oil over the knee. The oil is retained inboard a well make using black gram paste or whole flour. The herbal oil used in the process restores the lubricating liquid in the unified and maintains the integrity of the design involved in the unified. It as well improves the maneuverability of the knee joints. Janu Basti is primary used in Pain monograph in the situation such as osteo rheumatism of knee joints, osteoporosis, and rheumatism of knee joints and dilapidated pain of the knee joints. It lowers the pain and rigidity in knee joints and thus assists to improve maneuverability.

Upham : This treatment is done by application of herbal paste over the impact area. This care is vast effective in old rheumatism of knee, knee joint damage and localized Knee Pain and Swelling. It retouches Diffusion, starts healing and strengthens the musculature.