Dengue and Chikungunya is a rare form of viral fever caused by an mosquito Byte or alpha virus and transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito. This is spread from one person to another. It has flu like symptoms such as headache, chills, fevers, joint pains, nausea and vomiting. Some people may have bleeding from nose or gums. It resembles Dengue and is reported mainly from Africa, South-East Asia including India and Pakistan. It occurs during the rainy season. Chicken guinea disease is a viral disease transmitted in humans by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Chikungunya infection causes fever with joint pains and is spread by mosquito bites from the Aedes aegypti mosquito however, recently it has been proven that it is also spread through the Aedes albopictus mosquito aka Tiger mosquito.

Reasons of Dengue and Chikungunya Virus

  • It is a viral disease transmitted through the agency of mosquitoes. The prime method of spread of chikungunya is through stagnated water. The aedes aegypti mosquito lays its eggs only in stagnated water.
  • The responsible chikungunya virus is the alpha virus, which is carried by the aedes aegypti breed of mosquito.
  • Hence, after malaria, filaria and dengue, chikungunya has become one more reason to exterminate mosquitoes.

Symptoms of Dengue and Chikungunya Virus

The symptoms of Chikungunya are very similar to that of dengue fever. It typically starts with one or more of the following symptoms – fever, vomiting, chills, head ache, nausea and joint pain. The attack is sudden and sometimes it is accompanied with rashes.

  • Headache, Muscle pain, Weakness
  • Fever, Vomiting, Chills, Pain, Swelling
  • Rashes on the body, Pain in the joints and swelling
  • Nausea, Acute pain all over the body, Conjunctivitis

Chikungunya Virus Facts

  • It Is a viral fever caused by an mosquito Byte
  • Transmission is through mosquito bite and transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito.
  • This is spread from one person to another but direct human to human transmission is not possible
  • Mosquito control is the only effective prevention technique
  • Currently there are no vaccines or specific medicines
  • Main symptom is Headache, joint pain with fever

Prevention of Chikungunya Fever

  • Only way to prevent Chikungunya fever – don’t get bit by a mosquito
  • Use mosquito net when sleeping
  • Wear dress which covers most of the body.
  • Use curtains or window nets which prevent entry of mosquitoes to the house.

Herbal Treatment of Chikungunya

It is a rare form of viral infection that is transmitted by infected aedes aegypti mosquito. It describes a similar condition named sandhi jwara(meaning fever of the joints) by the ancient Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment for this disease primarily aims at controlling the viral infection and reducing the symptoms. It suggests carrot and sunflower seeds as good supplements for chikungunya patients as they strengthen person’s resistance to fight disease.Hence there are certain medicines in ayurveda that can bring relief to chikungunya. Triphala, an ayurvedic composition of Harada, AmlaandBehadaand dry seedless grapes are also effective in controlling symptoms of chikungunya.

How Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops Protect from Dengue and Chikungunya Virus]

dengue and chikungunya virus

Tulsi (holy basil or sacred basil) leaves are very effective in reducing the chikungunya fever. There are some other commonly prescribed ayurvedic remedies for fighting the fever such as Vilvadi Gulika, Amritarishtaand Sudarsanam Gulika. Herbs such as Sacred Basil (Tulsi), Carrot and Grapes are usually recommended as a relief for the pain and fever. Since these are natural herbs there is little risk in trying them out. 

Tulsi is rich anti-oxidant cleanser, antiseptic, antibiotic and antimalaria. Keep your whole family healthy by using Tulsi-51 Drops. it will increase your immunity and kill your diseases. it is Natural Immunity Booster without any side effects. Tulsi Drops balances the refining touch of Tulsi and other herbal ingredients, to calm the skin and the senses. Tulsi-51 Drops is very effective when it comes to treating chikungunya fever. If you take Take 5-6 Drops of Tulsi-51 Drops daily you may feel Relief from several Diseases.

According to Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The national capital Delhi is currently battling fever surge caused by mosquito bites such as chikungunya and dengue. As per latest reports, at least 423 chikungunya cases have been diagnosed in the national capital. Whereas cases of dengue have gone up to 487, with two deaths till August 27.