Chikungunya Vs Dengue - Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops

What is Chikungunya ?

Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. It is a rare form of viral fever caused by an alpha virus. This is spread from one person to another by the aedes aegypti mosquito. The word chikungunya is derived from kimakonde language, meaning ‘bending up or contorting’ as the disease causes severe joint pain, stiffness and bent posture with limited movement in patients. It has flu – like symptoms such as severe headache, chills, fever, vomiting and joint pains. Some people may have bleeding from nose.

What is Dengue Fever ?

Dengue is a virus borne fever that is caused by 4 different types of dengue viruses. Dengue is self – limited, mosquito – transmitted viral disease caused by dengue virus. Dengue fever is also known as break bone fever that can occur in infants, children and adult. The symptoms of dengue fever i.e, severe body ache and joint pains become evident after 3 to 14 days after a bite from an infected mosquito – Aedes Aegypti. The fever is a severe flu-like illness characterized by high fever, severe body ache and intense headache.

How to cure from Viral Disease ?

Tulsi is very effective in bringing down the body temperature in fever. Holy basil is an outstanding anti – biotic, germicidal, disinfectant and fungicidal. Tulsi was extremely effective in killing mosquito larvae and helped keep mosquitoes away.Moreover, drinking tulsi tea or eating tulsi leaves could also help a lot when you are surrounded with dengue or chikungunya cases like it is right now.You could immediately start consuming it and including it in various things like tea, drinking water etc. as it would help you stay immune to these diseases in a better way. According to Ayurveda simply planting a tulsi shrub near your window is all you need to keep mosquitoes away. The plant has properties that do not allow mosquitoes to breed and will prevent them from entering your house.

Signs and symptoms to look out for

A drop in platelet count is a characteristic symptom of dengue fever. The most common symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains and skin rash. Sometimes, these symptoms may be confused with flu. If you experience the following over a few days, consult a doctor –

1. Sudden, high fever
2. Severe headaches
3. Pain behind the eyes
4. Severe joint and muscle pain
5. Fatigue and exhaustion
6. Nausea and vomiting
7. Skin rash
8. Low blood pressure

Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors can diagnose dengue infection with a blood test. There are no particular medicines or antibiotics to cure the same since it’s caused by a virus but you are advised to rest and drink plenty of fluids. There is currently no vaccine for dengue.

Delhi and many parts of India are already reporting cases of Dengue. In this situation, many people are turning to some natural remedies to control this dreaded disease. We bring you some of the most effective home remedies as shared by health experts and doctors.

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1) Giloy : Giloy is a very important herb in Ayurveda. It helps in maintaining the metabolic rate, strengthening the immune system and protects your body against infections, explains Dr. Gargi Sharma from New Delhi. She recommends that you boil the stems and serve it as a herbal drink. You can also add few Tulsi leaves in the drink.

2) Papaya Leaves : “It helps in increasing the platelet count and reduces the symptoms of fever like body ache, chills, feeling low, getting tired easily and nausea,” says Dr. Gargi. You can crush the leaves and consume or drink the juice which helps in flushing out the toxins.

3) Fenugreek Leaves : These leaves are known to reduce fever and act as a sedative to ease pain and promote more restful sleep for patients. You can soak the leaves in water and then drink it or you can get methi  powder and mix it with water and have it.

4) Goldenseal : Goldenseal is a herb whose dried root is used to make medicine. It has the ability to clear up the symptoms of dengue fever very quickly and eliminate the virus from the body. It works like papaya leaves. You use it in the same way like papaya leaves either by crushing and chewing or by juicing it.

5) Turmeric : It is also known to boost metabolism and helps in making the healing process faster. You can consume turmeric along with milk.

6) Tulsi Leaves and Black Pepper : Dr. Simran Saini from New Delhi suggests to consume a drink made by boiling Tulsi leaves and adding about 2 grams of black pepper to it. This drink helps in building your immunity and acts as an antibacterial element.

What is Holi Basil (Tulsi) ?

The word tulsi means ‘The incomparable plant’. The scientific name of tulsi is Ocimum Tenuiflorum. There are two main varieties of tulsi- the one with the green leaves known as Rama tulsi, and the one with the reddish leaves known as Krishna or Shyama tulsi. The “Queen of Herbs,” also known as Holy Basil (Tulsi) is the most sacred herb of India.Due to its holistic properties Tulsi is widely used in many ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines. It is cultivated in Southern Asia, in places like Thailand, India and other Hindu influenced countries. The tulsi plant was discovered over 5000 years ago. It is considered as an important icon in Hindu culture, and worshiped in mornings and evenings by the people. Not only its leaves but also its flower has the properties to fight a number of diseases. The significant benefits of holy basil, it is widely known not only in India but also in the Western World.

Benefits of Holy Basil (Tulsi)

The health benefits of tulsi is also known as holy basil, including oral care, relief from respiratory disorders as well as treatment of fever, lung disorders, asthma, stress and heart diseases. It is rich in antioxidants which help in mitigating stress and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. The research confirms that Tulsi reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, prevents gastric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients.It has endless miraculous and medicinal values and has been worshiped and highly valued in India for thousands of years. It is especially effective in supporting the heart, blood vessels, liver and lungs and also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.

Some other Benefits of Holy Basil

  1. Holy Basil or tulsi is best used for the treatment of headache, epilepsy and migraine.
  2. It is helpful in curing the sore throat.
  3. Basil leaves tea regulates the blood pressure.
  4. It relieves the symptoms of common cold and flu.
  5. Holy basil also reduces the fever.
  6. It rejuvenates the brain cells thus improves the memory and concentration power.
  7. Chewing the basil leaves is a good herbal cure for mouth ulcers, tooth decay, bleeding gums and some other mouth infections.
  8. It is used to prevent the hair loss and dandruff.
  9. Holy basil eliminates the inflammation and infections.
  10. Basil is a skin tonic. It fights skin diseases such as Acne, Ringworm, Eczema and Psoriasis.
  11. It is also beneficial for eye problems like irritation, pain and swelling.
  12. Holy basil resolves the digestion problems like diarrhea.
  13. It is beneficial in boosting the immune system.
  14. Tulsi or holy basil reduces the blood sugar level in the body and cure diabetes.
  15. It is good herbal remedy for treating many respiratory issues such as Asthma, Bronchitis and tuberculosis.


How Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops Protect from Dengue and Chikungunya Virus

Tulsi (holy basil or sacred basil) leaves are very effective in reducing the chikungunya fever. There are some other commonly prescribed ayurvedic remedies for fighting the fever such as Vilvadi Gulika, Amritarishtaand Sudarsanam Gulika. Herbs such as Sacred Basil (Tulsi), Carrot and Grapes are usually recommended as a relief for the pain and fever. Since these are natural herbs there is little risk in trying them out. 

The Best Herbal Medicine for Chikungunya Treatment and to control Dengue virus is Jolly Tulsi-51. The symptoms of chikungunya are similar to those of dengue. Tulsi is rich anti-oxidant cleanser, antiseptic, antibiotic and antimalaria. Keep your whole family healthy by using Tulsi-51 Drops. it will increase your immunity and kill your diseases. it is Natural Immunity Booster without any side effects. Tulsi Drops balances the refining touch of Tulsi and other herbal ingredients, to calm the skin and the senses. Tulsi-51 Drops is very effective when it comes to treating Chikungunya Fever. If you take Take 5-6 Drops of Tulsi-51 Drops daily you may feel Relief from several Diseases.