Foods that cause hemorrhoids to flare up and causes discomfort. These are the foods which can be danger if you have piles that irritate hemorrhoids and worsen piles condition. However, Piles can be cured easily with proper medication.

Dangerous Food for Piles

Raw Mango

This is few thing that you should stay away from if you have piles. Raw green mango can grow the swelling and built your prerequisite bad. bite raw green mangoes out of your diet will assist you to treat your piles easily.

Red Chilli

Red chilies, whether arid or ripe are a large no when it comes to piles. Even after your piles are fine, you need to stay away from red chili for at least two to three months. This is essential to stops reiteration of the illness and any further problems The compounds in red chili side effect with the enzymes of the peptic system and output in the production of a lot extra stomach acid, which finally aggravates piles.

Brinjal or Eggplant

If you have already suffered from hemorrhoids, or are anguish now, eating brinjal is the few as swallow poison. While brinjal will not reason hemorrhoids, it is vast nasty for those who already had piles or recently have piles.

dangerous food for piles


Garlic is known for growing the temperature of the body. This can in the twist, nasty affect the hemorrhoids. When you have piles, it is a vast best thing to stay away from this normal spice.


Even although ginger adds a vast best flavor to cooked foods, stay away from this if you are a tolerate of piles. Eating ginger will only reason more swelling and built your piles hurt more than common.

 Bengal Gram

Bengal gram or channa is a food product that you necessity never eat when you have piles. Even although it can as well be used to treat piles with jolly healthcare, but that is simply in matter of some preparations of this product. If eaten any other way, it can reason skin sores and touch your piles to a point where it reasons serious infection.

Mixed Pulses

Mixed Pulses, which include cereals like rajma dal, and even urad dal are nasty for piles. They will because the hemorrhoids wound to boil swell and can often reason infections. It grows the pain the best deal also.


dangerous food for piles

Mixed Cereals Flour

Mixed cereals flour is as well nasty for health if you trouble from piles. They can reason infection side effect in the rectum and built your piles even worse.

Soya Products

Eating Soya protein when you have hemorrhoids is like to pouring poison over your piles. It can have the baleful impact on your health and reason allergies also. So stay away from soya, white soya, black soya and as well tofu if you have piles.