Drink Green Tea For Healthier Tomorrow

Drink green tea for healthier tomorrow. There are some health benefits that only green tea drinkers enjoy exclusively. This is one of the reasons, green tea has become so popular lately. From simple to flavored, you can enjoy a variety of green tea available in the market which are a blessing for your health. In fact, experts report that regular consumption of green tea can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, what makes green tea this powerful? It’s the plant chemical known as flavonoids. Let’s discuss more about these flavonoids and how they make a cup of green tea rich with holistic benefits.

What Experts have to Say?

As per Dr. Howard Sesso, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the “catechins and epicatechins present in the green tea makes it richer with health benefits. Catechins & Epicatechins are a type of plant chemical that works against plaque build-up in the arteries. Green tea is the richest known source of these chemicals and this is why it has higher health benefits to offer.

A Cup has a Variety of Benefits

Each cup of green tea you consume affects the vascular reactivity of your in a positive way. The vascular reactivity defines how the blood vessels react to any physical or emotional stress. Besides this, green tea is also known to lower down blood pressure and keep it under control. Many short-term studies also suggest that green tea lowers the formation of LDL Cholesterol in the body.

green tea for healthier tomorrow

A study done on a vast population sample claims that drinking green tea can lower the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. However, the experts do not claim green tea to be a substitute for any medication.

Pick Natural – do not Overload

green tea for healthier tomorrowWhile flavonoids promise a number of health benefits, choosing a supplement to enjoy them or drinking excessive green tea is not recommended. Moreover, anything artificial and not naturally processed can make things worse than doing well. To make sure you get the right dose of flavonoids in your body, drink 100% naturally made Jolly Organic Green Tea. It offers you the right proportions of flavonoids and is tastier than other artificial green teas available online.

Green tea has a vault of benefits for your health. Include green tea in your schedule and enjoy health heart and body.