Extend Your Sex Time Naturally

Are you suffering from bad performance on a bed? Do you find it tough to last longer in a sexual act? Are you looking answers to increasing sexual time? Wondering How to extend your sex time naturally? If so, you must first know what time is considered as a good enough time to have sex. Elongated sexual time is usually falsely advertised. Moreover, people think that if they aren’t able to last long in the bed, they are either suffering from erectile dysfunction or some other type of sexual disorder. By general rule, if you last less than 3 minutes, you must contact the doctor. However, most of the people perform above this demarcation.

Before you start taking unnecessary medication for your so-called condition, read down the list of ways to extend your sex time naturally:


Eat vegetables and fruits:

It is a proven fact that men who are vegetarian or eat more fruits and vegetables perform better in bed. The fruit and veggies supply them many nutrients, especially potassium. Some fruits that are proven to help you in sexual pleasure are banana, Amla or gooseberry, strawberries, and more.

No to processed sugar:

Processed sugar is no good for sexual performance. The sugar slump that follows the sugar rush reduces your stamina to perform.

Quit smoking& alcohol:

When you smoke too much, it affects your arteries and hardens them. This eventually affects the blood flow to the penis. Similarly, alcohol influences a man’s mind and he isn’t able to be in control at any time. Sex health experts, says, ‘Smoking affects every system/organ of the body including sexual functioning. People need to understand that erection in men has a lot to do with a healthy heart, blood vessels. Smokers are twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.’

Foreplay is important:

Usually, men are under pressure to satisfy their lady’s need. This makes them conscious and many of the discharge early. Spending a good time in foreplay and helping your woman cum by using hands and other methods can help you cut your stress.


Extend your Sex Time

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