‘Bringing sexy back’, that famous Justin Timberlake song. Most of us love it, many of us have danced to it in the clubs, some of us play it while making love to our better halves.

It’s a beautiful thing, human sexuality, isn’t it? Religions may have made it a taboo over the previous millennia, or obfuscated it into something perverse at times, still, they have failed to kill the powerful sexual impulse in human beings.

Where religions have failed though, stress and other modern ailments are succeeding. Overwork, capitalistic ambition verging on obsession, anxiety, radiations from mobile towers and wi-fi, alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs, it seems everything is out hunting human sexuality, trying to tear it to pieces, like a pack of wolves after its prey.

Good sexual health is as important for us as good emotional and physical health. At night, you want to be making sweet love to your lady, not just lie there staring at the ceiling, mind discombobulated by the worries of the material world.

A large portion of the populace today suffers from lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. And they all want to know – how do we bring the sexy back to our lives?

Well there is the good ole blue pill (viagra) of course, but that is only a temporary solution, plus the long term side-effects are pretty severe.

Thankfully, there is no need for us to turn to western medicine, for there are many herbs in our Ayurveda (shilajit, ashwagandha, loh bhasan etc.) that can boost our long term sexual health, without any side-effects.

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