Immunity Boosting Foods You Must Have This Monsoons

It is actually amazing to call sick in the office but when you actually get the disease, it is nothing less than a nightmare. A human body has an immune system that acts strong and weak as per the weather. Immunity of a human is at its lowest in the weather of rains, with so many diseases out breaking every second day. You must fear a cough, cold, throat infection, fever, stomach infection and what not. However, with a little nature therapy and with immunity boosting foods during monsoon ensure all these problems stay away from you.


Immunity Boosting Foods

You get the best dose of probiotics from curd. With probiotics, you can ensure your gut is healthy and functional. There are lots of ways how you can include curd in your diet. Eat it plain or add a few fruits to it and relish a delicious smoothie.


Immunity Boosting Foods

Yes, little did you know that this favorite veggie of yours is also a healthy diet option? Mushrooms come jam-packed with antioxidants and there is no need to explain the importance of anti-oxidants for a human body. Mushroom also offers a rich supply of Vitamin B as well as a compound known as selenium that fights infections.


You may ask how and the answer is protein. Meat is a natural way of protein consumption. The more protein you eat the more white cell you build and better is your immune system. If you are a vegetarian, you can get your source of protein from pulses.

Haldi Doodh

Immunity Boosting Foods

Yes, besides healing your wounds, Haldi doodh is also a strong anti-bacterial potion. It is a string anti-bacterial that fight the bad bacteria right after inception.


Make lemons your best friend this monsoon. You get the best source of Vitamin C in them which is directly responsible for boosting immunity. Have one lemon daily early in the morning and say goodbye to infections and other monsoon diseases.


The smelly spice is also a great immunity booster. A clove of garlic daily is enough to keep diseases at bay.


It is one of the most renowned medicinal plants in the history of Ayurveda. Full of a variety of immunity boosters, Tulsi offers complete protection from a variety of monsoon diseases. Immunity Boosting FoodsThe Jolly Tulsi 51 drops is a naturally made Tulsi supplement that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Tulsi. Regular consumption of this remedy will keep you fit and fine this monsoon.