Do you feel that your sex life is not as exciting as you thought it would be, or that it is not as good as it used to be till about a few years ago, or that getting into bed with your partner is a stress ?

You are one among many having similar problems but feel odd to consult or discuss the issues with someone else due to the taboo surrounding it. Sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, etc. could lead to increased stress, reduced confidence, sleepless nights that further intensifies the problem. Sexual well-being for men and women is one of the subjects of much debate in medical circuits and otherwise, since the dawn of time. Although, recent advancements in medical science have been successful to a certain extent, a general sense of adopting natural remedies for a long term well being is the need of the hour.

A good or active sex life has many benefits – It reduces the stress, makes you look younger, strengthens your heart, improves your confidence and helps your sleep better.

Few male Sexual Disorders :  

  • Inability to have coitus due to lack of erection.

  • Premature ejaculation.

  • Loss of sexual desire.

Common Causes :

  • Excessive masturbation.
  • Complete loss of desire (even in young man)
  • Excessive indulging in sex.
  • Local Injury
  • Syphilis.
  • Enlargement of prostate gland.
  • Impotency with diabetes mellitus
  • Mumps, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking & drugs intake.

Jaiphal(Nutmeg) is the dried kernel of the fruit of a tall and evergreen tree found in southern parts of India.  It acts as an aphrodisiac by stimulating the central nervous system and warming the loins. While increasing and maintaining sexual vigor, Jaiphal has a tranquilizing effect that helps to avert premature ejaculation. Nutmeg or jaiphal works as an aphrodisiac and helps to spice up your sex life significantly. In fact, it’s known as ‘Viagra for women’. It imitates the effect of serotonin. The peculiar spicy taste of nutmeg can cause aroual and the sharp seductive aroma of the aphrodisiac spice gives your body a calm relaxing effect.

Jaiphal acts as a booster by motivating the central nervous system and warming the pubic region. Due to carminative properties, it rushes the absorption of herbs and intensifies their effect. While increasing and maintaining sexual energy, Jaiphal has an ataractic effect helping to prevent premature ejaculation.

Jaiphal is popularly used in Ayurvedic preparations and when mixed with honey, and a half boiled egg it performs an excellent sex tonic. It is also a foremost part of rich Indian food and is greatly used to better the natural aroma and flavor of food.


It Beats Insomnia

Nutmeg helps in increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which  plays a key role in inducing sleep. It also contains a compound known as myristicin that inhibits the secretion of enzymes induced by stress, thereby promoting sleep. Add a pinch of nutmeg powder to a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to bed to deal with insomnia.

It increases your Sex Drive

Do you suffer from low libido? Add a pinch of nutmeg powder to your chai or milk shake to spice up your sexual life. Nutmeg works as a natural aphrodisiac that imitates the effect of the hormone serotonin, which causes sexual arousal and also provides a relaxing effect on the body.

It eases Skin Problems

Incorporate nutmeg into your diet to get rid of various skin problems like blemishes, acne and wrinkles. This wonder spice is well-known for its amazing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help in cleansing the skin. Apply a paste of nutmeg powder mixed with a little milk on the skin to reduce puffiness, redness or dullness.

It aids Digestion

While most people suffer from indigestion and stomach complications like acidity, lack of appetite is commonly observed in kids and adults. Sprinkle some nutmeg powder over salads, desserts (custards or ice-creams) or on any dishes as it improves digestion, increases appetite and prevents diarrhoea, since nutmeg is rich in fibre and contains essential compounds that help in relieving stomach aches, constipation and acidity.

It Relieves Oral Problems

The strong anti-bacterial property of nutmeg makes it a powerful natural remedy to get rid of gum problems like toothache and bad breath. This wonder spice is also very effective to cure gum disease and prevent dental plaque and bacterial growth in the mouth. You can use nutmeg oil (put few drops of the oil on a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area) to prevent and combat oral problems.

It Boosts Immunity

Nutmeg has various vital nutrients that play a key role in maintaining good health by enhancing immune function. The presence of various minerals and vitamins in this spice are responsible for the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, which in turn improves your overall health.

It Improves Brain Function

The key compound present in nutmeg is myristicin, which inhibits the action of an enzyme that is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. It also stimulates your brain thereby easing mental stress, in addition to improving your memory. Add this spice to your meals as it acts as an effective natural remedy to fight depression and anxiety.