Lose Weight in Just 15 Days

If you are tired of following fad diets programs but haven’t got any success yet, there is something definitely wrong. Either you aren’t committed to what you are doing or what you are doing is completely wrong. Our body has a natural metabolism that can be maintained, stimulated and profiteered with little efforts. If you are struggling to keep your weight under control, here are the 5 combos that are sure to lose weight in just 15 days

1. Juices and Dietary Fiber

When you want to expedite the weight loss effects, switch to a liquid diet. Drink lots of juices and add dietary fiber in all meals. From juices, we mean fresh juices and not canned. For dietary fiber requirements, you can eat porridge, semolina, green leafy veggies, okra and more.

2. Exercise and Healthy Diet

Lose Weight in Just 15 Days

There is no competition to this combo when you do the right exercise complemented with a healthy diet, you are sure to lose weight. A good 30 minutes of brisk walk or jogging paired with no-oil and less spicy food is good to start your weight loss journey.

3. Slimming Capsules and Green Tea

Lose Weight in Just 15 Days

A perfect combo. Jolly Fat-Go Slimming Capsules and Jolly Organic Green tea is an effective combo to lose weight easily. Made with 100 percent ayurvedic composition, the slimming capsules guarantee no side-effects. The green tea is also available in different flavors for you to pick the best suitable.

4. Lemon and Hot water

You must have heard this before. A glass of luke-warm water with half lemon squeezed in it is the best fat cutting combo. When you take this early in the morning, you give your body a flush to start your day with energy and fight oxidants.

5. Green Tea, Lemon and Mint

Green tea is a renowned health drink to rejuvenate your body and boost weight loss. When combined with Lemon and mint, the anti-oxidizing nature of this portion gets doubled and so are the benefits.

Lose Weight in Just 15 Days

These are some of the best combos that you can use to expedite your weight loss journey. At Jolly Health Care, we provide you best naturally made products to help you foster a healthy body. Our Jolly Fat-Go slimming oil and capsules and Organic Green tea are the best way to shed those extra pounds. You can buy their combo at our online store.