chitrak extract

Chitrak root powder is often prescribed for obesity. The herbs help in the improvement¬†of body physiology and fights excess fat, thus reducing the overall weight & Reduce Belly Fat. Weight is the total mass of the body and is measured in kilo grams. It depends on height, age, gender, physical activity, and the type and amount of food taken by the body. The reduction in over all build up of the body (except height) indicates weight loss. Weight loss is done through diet plans and “Thinner you” pack of planet ayurveda which is a herbal product and helps in weight loss of the body.

Reduce Belly Fat with Chitraka Extract

  • It has Anti-Microbial activities
  • It helps in strengthen the Immunity
  • It has Anti-Oxidant properties
  • It has Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Used in skin diseases, Diarrhoea, Obesity, liver tonic
  • Helps in lowering the cholesterol level

Jolly Fat Go Powder has mainly following Extracts

  • Kokum Extract
  • Chitraka Extract
  • Coffee Bean Extract

Reduce Belly Fat

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