Tulsi provide Medicinal natural herb, safer treatments to agglomeration of common diseases. Common diseases means seasonal and non seasonal diseases. We are lucky that we have one natural herb that can be used to cure all common diseases. For more information related herbal diseases. visit my website. jollyhealthcareonline.com

As with any health problem, always be sure to discourse to before trying the latest medicine — including herbal medicines — or other treatment. In conjunction with talks with your primary healthcare endure, you can search  more safety and usage for more information

Most Common Diseases & Their Treatments

The diseases given below are very general, but if left un none they can have harsh implications. So, it is important to remedy them naturally and as soon as probable. The opt is arranged in the hierarchy chronological order with the extremely general diseases in the first followed by my site the fatal (yet general) ones in the last pages.

Normal Cold


on the average, an adult experience 2 – 3 episodes of cold per year whereas a kid may have 6 – 9. Cold is one of the main reason for the most number of doctor visits. Survey reports claim that cold is so general globally that every year it reason an estimated 124+ million lost days from school and 116+ million miss days from work. Total, there is a $93+ billion productivity loss and the uneasiness it reason can build a person aggrieved. So, there is valid cause why treatment general cold should be on the best of your to-do list.


Expedient 1:

1 step: Grind ½ small spoon of pepper, 1 small spoon of cumin seeds, the ½ small spoon of scrawny ginger and fresh Tulsi leaves (choose tender ones) in a mixer-blender.

2 Step: scrawny the ground mixture in the shade. Once scrawny, consume them  2 times a day to get rid of the normal cold.

Expedient 2:

1 Step: Boil 6 – 7 small spoons of ginger and tulsi leaves (freshly grated) in 3 cups of water for 10 – 12 minutes. Add a nip of cinnamon powder if you want.

common diseases

2 Step: tension the fluid and permit it to cool chill down a bit. Before drinking, add some drops of honey and lemon juice for flavor. Drink twice a day to get rid of cold.

Jolly Tulsi-51

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