Reduce Stress & Anxiety Naturally

The Best way to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally is to use jolly tulsi-51 drops regularly. Pure herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine without any side effect. The Mother Medicine of Nature Holy Basil Tulsi also known as the “queen of herbs”.  Tulsi has been used in India for around 5000 years because of  its healing properties.

The scientific name of Tulsi is Ocimum Tenuiflorum and is its English term is Basil. In fact, for thousands of years, Tulsi had been grown for spiritual reasons in the gardens of most Indian homes. Its branches, leaves and fragrance are used by Indians in for purification purposes and to heighten spiritual awareness. The parts of Tulsi generally used are its leaves, seeds and dried roots.

The extract obtained from the plants is used to cure various diseases such as common cold, inflammation, malaria, heart diseases etc. Tulsi contains hundreds of beneficial compounds and possess strong antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-aging, anti septic, stimulant, demulcent, diuretic and immune enhancing properties.

Jolly Tulsi-51 drops is beneficial to Live a healthy life. Every drop of Jolly Tulsi-51 removes bad elements from the body and Increase Immunity Power.

Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops has mainly following Extracts

  • Vishnu-Priya (Ocimum sanctum)
  • Rama Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum)
  • Kala Tulsi (Ocimum canum)
  • Basil Sweet-Lemon (Ocimum citiodorum)
  • Bisva Tulsi (Ocimum basilicum)

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