Among all the beverages on the planet, green tea is the healthiest one. Green tea is packed with the number of benefits, thanks to the presence of antioxidants and nutrients. Unlike normal tea, it not only help in energizing our body but, also improves many bodily functions. From burning fat to lowering the risk of cancer, Benefits of Green tea for a variety of things. Looking at the range of benefits it provides undoubtedly it has become the first choice for almost everyone.Let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits of organic green tea:

Benefits of Organic Green Tea

1. Improving brain function more efficiently and smartly

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is just not to make you energized but it also makes your brain work more effectively and efficiently. The amount of caffeine in green tea is as much as it is required, neither much nor less just perfect. The right amount of Caffeine helps to improve moods, reaction time and memory as well. Apart from caffeine, the presence of amino acid crosses the blood-brain barrier making it work more smartly and quickly. The combination of both helps in improving the brain function.

2. Helps in burning fat

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Known by everyone, it is one of the most effective fats burning ingredient. Consumption of green tea boosts the metabolic rate of the body and helps in burning the fat more quickly.  Not only it helps in burning fat but it also increases the physical performance by approximately 12-13%. However, the effect of green tea in burning fat also depends from person to person.

3. Lowers down the risk of cancer:

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

It is said that consumption of green tea also lower downs the risk of few cancers like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and Prostate cancer. Basic studies show that regular green tea drinkers are less likely to have cancer, however advanced studies are still under process to confirm the relevancy of the fact. But it is advised to drink green tea without milk as milk reduces the effect of antioxidants of green tea.

4. Helps in improving health:

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea has approximately 30% of polyphenols that helps in preventing cell damage. The antioxidants like EGCC along with polyphenols improve body functions because of its medicinal properties. Presence of minerals in green tea is cherry on the cake, which supplement all other antioxidants in improving the health of an individual.

5. Lowers down the risk of old age problems:

Green tea has long-term benefits as well, not only it gives the health benefits in present times but also lowers down the risk of contracting many neuro disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer. The catching compound present in green tea performs the protective function to neurons in the brain.

6. Lowers down the risk of diabetes:

Diabetes is one the most common problems, it does not have anything to do with age. People of any age group may encounter this problem. However, according to some studies green tea helps in improving insulin sensitivity in the body and helps in reducing the sugar level. According to statistics, green tea consumers have 18% lower risk of becoming a diabetic.

7. Prevents heart disease:

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Heart disease like strokes and attacks are one of the biggest reasons of death around the world. Consumption of green tea can help in lowering the risk of the same. The antioxidants of green tea prevent an individual from problems like cholesterol.  No doubt that there are 30% fewer chances of contracting any heart disease if you are a regular green tea drinker.

8. Lowers down the risk of obesity:

Green tea not only helps in losing abdominal fat but it also lowers down the risk of becoming obese. Obesity comes up with a number of another dangerous disease, hence it is advised to have green tea on a regular basis especially if you are trying to lose weight.

9. Increases the longevity of life:

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Not that having green tea will make you immortal but as we discussed that having green tea lowers down the risk of cardiovascular disease and deadly disease like cancer, obviously it helps in increasing the longevity of the life. Not only it gives you chance to live longer but also it provides you quality life.

10. Increases immunity:

Consumption of green tea and its antioxidants helps in increasing the immunity of the body. You are less likely to catch any infection as it can kill bacteria and germs causing such infections. Also, it helps in avoiding toothaches and cavities.

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