Tulsi For Good Health

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil is rewarded with the title “The Queen of the Herbs” It is given this name because of the many benefits that it offers to the human body. It is known to have a variety of clinical applications and also health-supportive properties.It is not only beneficial for physical health but also improves mental and spiritual health. If you have realized the properties of Tulsi lately and wish to incorporate it in your lifestyle, Here are some Effective Ways To Use Tulsi For Good Health.


Most of the natural toothpastes available online are known to have Tulsi as an ingredient. Tulsi has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So, when you use it as a mouthwash, it offers amazing benefits. It can prevent tooth decay, bacteria generation and many other oral problems.

Brain Tonic

Tulsi is also known for its anti-depressive and anxiety-regulating effects. It has a great impact on cognitive function and memory. Tulsi is also found to be responsible for strengthening the nerve tissue.

Since ages, people have been making Tulsi potions at home to boost the brain power.

Infused with Honey or Ghee

Tulsi For Good Health

Infused ghee or honey is an ancient preparation that can be used day to day for better health. Usually, dried tulsi powder is mixed with ghee or honey and used. This is a great way to consume Tulsi as the infusion is slower than directly consuming the herb.

Fresh Juice

The best and most effective way to consume Tulsi, fresh juice is famous since ages. You will need a lot of Tulsi leaves to make a rich and tasty juice. To enhance its effects, you may add some honey, in it to fight colds, fevers, and respiratory issues. It is also a stressbuster and helps in rejuvenating mind and body.

Chew Fresh Leaves

Tulsi For Good Health

If you want to have the purest benefits of Tulsi, chew a few leaves every day. This will offer you purest Tulsi extracts. Taking them empty stomach is highly immunity boosting.

Tulsi Supplements

Tulsi green tea and Jolly Tulsi-51 drops are two naturally made Tulsi supplements. You can include them in your diet and profiteer the benefits Tulsi. These supplements are organically made and thus has no chemical ingredients to offer adverse effects. Affordable and healthy, these supplements are available at our online store.Tulsi For Good HealthTulsi is a boon to health With regular consumption of Tulsi, you can enjoy a fitter body and stress-free mind.