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Tulsi is also known as holy basil because of its healing power of body, mind and spirit. It has been used in India for around 5000 years. Holy basil is the “Queen of herbs”which is most sacred of all the herbs found in India! Due to its widespread healing power, holy basil leaves are now regarded by most of the countries such as adaptogens (anti – stress agents) which have been used widely to promote the health throughout the entire body.  It has been widely popular in Asian countries for many centuries.

The tulsi plant is reversed for its divine properties. A number of people advice such as the leaves and roots of the plant in some various medical decoctions (A concentrated liquor resulting from heating or boiling a substance, especially a medicinal preparation made from a plant). It is worshipped and it is grown in many Hindu households. Tulsi is extremely beneficial for humans. Some of the most common ailments, strengthening immunity, treating various hair and skin disorders, fighting bacterial & viral infections – few leaves of holy basil when used regularly can help to resolve a host of health related issues.

Health Benefits of Tulsi :-

Fights Cancer :- Tulsi not only works as a natural cancer treatment, but it prevents it. Holy basil is also protect your body from the radiation poisoning and heals damage from radiation treatment. The phytochemicals in holy basil prevent from chemical-induced lung, oral,liver and skin cancers because they increase the antioxidant activity,induce cancer cell death, alter healthy gene expressions that prevent the blood vessel growth contributing to cell growth and stop metastasis, which is the spread of cancer from one organ to another.It selectively protects the normal tissues against the destructive effects of radiation.


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Relief from Fever :- It acts as antibiotic, germicidal and disinfectant agents; they protect us from the bacteria and viruses issues. Therefore, with its infection – fighting properties, holy basil fights a fever and restores your health quickly. It is greatantibiotic, germicidal, fungicidal and disinfectant agent/properties that are very efficiently protect our body from all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.Fever is not actually an ailment in itself. It is just a symptom which shows that our body is fighting against less visible infections. It is mainly caused due to infections from protozoa (malaria), bacteria (typhoid), viruses (flu) and even allergic substances and fungus.

Protects the Heart :- It has a rich anti – oxidant component is called as Eugenol. It helps to protect the heart by keeping the blood pressure under control and lowering the cholesterol levels. Everyday can both prevent and protect any heart ailments because of chewing a few leaves of tulsi on an empty stomach. Holy basil is very beneficial in combating cardiac disease and the weakness resulting from it. It also contains Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants such as Eugenol protects the heart from harmful effects of free radicals.It reduces the blood cholesterol levels.


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Balance Hormones :- Tulsi has the amazing ability to regulate the cortisol levels and keep the hormones level balanced naturally. Elevated cortisol levels can be dangerous; it is commonly known as the stress hormone and some major impact on our memory, learning, bone density, immune function, heart disease and weight gain. It has a physical effect on the body and mental benefits as well.

Eye Disorders :- Holy basil leaves prevent a range of eye issues such as vision defects, cataracts and opthalmia. . Glaucoma, for instance, it is caused by a buildup of fluid in the eye if it is not treated. Macular degeneration, another major vision inhibiter, is age-associated vision loss and blurry vision related to damage to the macula, or center of the eye.Our eyes are susceptible (likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing) to bacterial, viral and fungal infections that can be dangerous. It also has good anti – inflammatory and soothing properties that protect your eyes from environmental damage and free radicals.