Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops balances the refining touch of Tulsi and other herbal ingredients, to calm the skin and the senses. Tulsi is rich anti-oxidant cleanser, antiseptic, antibiotic and antimalaria. It helps to  restores the natural suppleness of all skin types.

Keep your whole family healthy by using jolly Tulsi-51 Drops. it will increase your immunity and kill your diseases. it is Natural Immunity Booster without any side effects. If you take few drops of Tusli-51 Drops daily you may feel Relief from several Diseases.

Health Benefits of Tusli-51

  1. Teeth disorder : The drops are also useful in treating teeth disorders. When mixed with mustard oil it can be used as a tooth paste. It maintains the health of the gums and helps to counteract bad breath, pyorrhea and other dental problems.
  2. Stomatitis : These drops mixed with water by doing gargles are quite effective for several mouth infections like ulcer
  3. Headache : Tulsi drops are a good medicine for headache. drops mixed with sandalwood paste can be applied on the forehead for relief from headache
  4. Eye disorder : Tulsi drops are an effective remedy for sore eyes. Two drops of Tulsi can work wonders for the eyes. It soothes eyes and reduces stress. Also it can protect from conjunctivitis, boils and other problems of the eyes which are caused mainly due to bacterial and fungal infections by washing eyes with water mixed with Tulsi drops
  5. Stomach problems : Several stomach problems like acidity, constipation and flatulence can also be treated with Tulsi drops. Tulsi supports digestive system and makes you feel less bloated and more comfortable. It also helps people suffering from vomiting and lack of appetite
  6. Diabetes : Tulsi is one of the many herbs that help to control blood sugar level in a person. It helps in reduces the blood sugar level
  7. Pain relief :Tulsi plant acts as COX-2 inhibitor that aids in painful medical condition. Some Compounds found in Tulsi helps to ease inflammatory and neurological pain. Tulsi is also used in the treatment of skin ulcers, cuts and wounds because of its beneficial antiseptic and healing properties
  8. Lung disorder : Several compounds present in Tulsi like Vitamin C, camphene, Eugenol are beneficial in lung congestion. They have proven to be effective in healing damage caused by smoking, tuberculosis etc
  9. Insect bite : This herb also prevents insect stings and bites.Drops should be applied on the affected areas and repeated after a few hours. drops are also effective in case of bites of insects and leeches. It will completely eliminate the effects of poison. Apply it on the area of the sting and it will cure the problem. The pain caused by the sting can be reduced by drinking Tulsi drops and also by applying it on the sting
  10. Quit smoking : Tulsi drops immensely support if you are trying to quit smoking. It is more helpful than nicotine gums and candies which claim to keep you distracted from your need of smoking. Keep Tulsi drops in your pocket and munch (chewing), whenever you feel the urge to smoke.The Tulsi drops will cool your throat just as the mint drops do and chewing will distract you. The anti-oxidant will actually help you to undo the damage done by years of smoking
  11. Skin care benefits of Tulsi : These wonder drops have proved themselves to be one of the best medicine for its Antiseptic, Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal compounds and Purifying qualities, which help to prevent skin diseases. It helps in maintaining a healthy skin and shiny hair

Jolly Tulsi-51 Drops has mainly following Extracts

  • Vishnu-Priya (Ocimum sanctum)
  • Rama Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum)
  • Kala Tulsi (Ocimum canum)
  • Bisva Tulsi (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Basil Sweet-Lemon (Ocimum citiodorum)

Jolly Tulsi-51

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